Why use a time-lapse camera for site monitoring ?

It is relatively easy to create time-lapse photos and videos, especially with the development of cameras and smartphones. Time-lapse technology is now built into many cameras as a simple “feature”. However, a good time-lapse photography requires preparation and patience, as well as the right equipment to achieve good results, especially for professional purposes. Read this article to learn more.

What is the time lapse?

Time lapse is a photographic technique in which a sequence of images is taken at regular intervals. For more information, have a peek at this web-site. Once taken, these images are combined to create a quick (usually short) video. It is a visually striking technique for enlivening landscapes, tracking the passage of time, and capturing the evolution of natural objects (flowers) or buildings. In addition to its visual appeal, time lapse is also a very interesting tool for analysis, archiving or communication for individuals or companies.

What is the use of time-lapse for monitoring a construction site?

The use of time-lapse technology in construction monitoring is an excellent marketing tool for construction companies. It allows them to capture months or even years of work and improve performance. For example, by posting photos of the construction site on social media or at openings, companies communicate their skills, know-how and, in some cases, a supportive, green and sustainable approach. Therefore, creating a calendar in the construction sector is a real asset for corporate communication. Ultimately, this approach also strengthens internal teams and allows them to follow the evolution of the project from start to finish.

How do you make a time lapse?

This fast-paced method requires professional cameras, especially for site surveillance. Data cameras are often used for this purpose. They are known for their stable and weather-resistant cameras. It is important that these cameras are mounted in a suitable position, for example on a tripod, at any time of the day or night, in the sun or rain and in adverse weather conditions. The camera is suitable for temperatures between -10 and +50 degrees Celsius. The supplied brackets are also robust and durable. They are made of stainless steel. The handle is made of stainless steel and can rotate 360 degrees. The complete set is designed to be used on the site to your complete satisfaction.