Why host your website ?

You have a project to create a website to present your services or sell products, one of the first steps will be to choose a domain name and a hosting. It is very important to choose the right hosting in order to enhance the image of your structure and have a good visibility. Discover in this article, why host a website.

How web hosting works

Web hosting consists in giving a kind of residence to the content of your site that will be put online. This residence is called in the jargon of servers. Your files stay on the server, exactly the same way as if they had been stored in folders on your personal computer. But then how do you do it ? You will have to sign a hosting contract with a specialized company by going to https://koddos.net/. You will then rent a storage space on a server, which will make your site available all the time, by everyone.

Hosting to boost your communication

We could finally sum it all up this way: without hosting, no website. Indeed, if you are thinking of creating a website to boost your communication and marketing (blog, e-commerce site, static page, etc.) you will necessarily need hosting. This has a cost that can be very variable depending on the formula you prefer (from less than ten euros to more than a hundred euros). Choosing a good web host is the starting point for a successful SEO strategy. Indeed, hosting influences a lot the technical aspect of a website which is one of the pillars of SEO: loading speed, data security, site operation.

Result of a bad hosting

A bad hosting can harm the SEO of your website. You are not unaware that search engines regularly look at the websites that exist, to determine whether or not they display them in its first pages of results when a user makes a search. A website with a fast loading time, with low latency, with a secure address has a much better chance of being well positioned by search engines.