Why do you need to cut the ends of your hair?

Do you have curly hair? Kinky? Or straightened? Did you know that you need to regularly cut hair tips, no matter the color, texture or thickness? Some believe that cutting the ends of the hair stimulates their growth. In this article, you will find out why and when you will need to cut the tip of the hair, but also, what can stimulate hair growth.

Why and when to cut the tip of the hair?

When we talk about hair, we think directly of the length. But did you know that even if you want long hair, you still have to frequently cut the ends of your hair? Click if you want to read more about news. You make a big mistake if you think that to have long hair, you have to stop cutting it. First, you need to cut the tip of your hair to stop the spread of the fork along the hair. A split hair is very exposed to breakage. So you can understand that you will lose more length if you do not get rid of the forks in time. When you cut the tips, you cut the forks. Then you still need to cut the ends of your hair even if it is not forked. This allows your tuft to maintain its thickness and be more aesthetically pleasing and healthy. Cutting the tip of the hair is just like cutting a few millimeters on the hair that protrudes. And finally, this practice does not stimulate hair growth, but rather prevents hair breakage. Brittle hair can never be long.

How can hair growth be stimulated?

First, you need to moisturize your hair well. You can drink enough water or put it directly on the hair. In addition, applying essential oils on the hair is not hydration. You can also monitor your diet so that you consume more zinc-rich foods.