What does a dragon tattoo symbolize ?

A dragon tattoo is undoubtedly a way to stand out in a society forced to a certain conformism. However, this mythical animal refers to different symbolism and representations from one culture to another. So, before going ahead, let's discover together the symbolism of the dragon tattoo.

A dragon tattoo to express wisdom and strength

In Japan, the dragon is the symbol of wisdom and strength. In this part of the world, the animal is revered for these qualities. Because of the protective identity of the water, it has become the symbol of the imperial clans. Japanese stories say that it holds the power of metamorphosis or invisibility. As you will discover on the website https://dragon-vibe.com/, such a tattoo offers an atypical rendering. Indeed, it is represented by a silhouette of a snake, thus scaled and without wings. On the other hand, it has the legs of ferocious animals such as the tiger and a horn.

A dragon tattoo to express opulence

Maybe you want to express the richness of your spirit rather than the strength of your physique. Then opt for a Chinese dragon tattoo. This animal is depicted in the same build as its Japanese counterpart, except that it has five claws. The stories tell that it can bring happiness and wealth. Indeed, it would be equipped with a pearl which confers magic powers to him. On your body, it will be drawn in expressive colors, and in particular red.
A dragon tattoo to express your virility
To remain attached to Western mythology, choose the fire-breathing dragon. This dragon, often demonized, remains the symbol of virility according to certain mythologies. It is represented as a giant lizard with terrifying eyes. It has two imposing wings that break the resemblance with the crawling animal.
In short, every time, the dragon tattoo expresses power. You can give this strength a physical, psychological or sensual orientation. So, if you have chosen your dragon tattoo, all you have to do is find the best place to immortalize it.