Unpopular Myanmar Military Dictators Cuts Access to the World by Blocking Facebook

Strategically located between Bangladesh in the northwest and Thailand in the southeast, things are hitting up in Myanmar. This is in light of the recent coup by the military and detaining of key political administrators in the nation.

The situation has been further complicated by the military administration’s decision to block the access of citizens to Facebook.

The Decision Violates Fundamental Human Right

The decision to block the citizen’s access to Facebook is a deceptive but strategic approach from all indications. As explained by the pertinent military leaders, the blockage which is intended to restore stability will be effective until the 7th of February.

This action by the military leaders violates the fundamental human right of the residents of the nation. This is because everyone should have access to information and the press.

Why the Decision to Block Access to Facebook?

Facebook is a tech platform used by many residents in the nation of Myanmar. For one, this is because it is a free alternative for many of the masses. Over half of the population has access to this online platform and cutting off access will keep them in the dark about troubling issues in the nation.

Furthermore, the platform is the avenue for many activists to gather support against the unpopular decision by the military administrators. So, this is apparently a well-planned decision by the military administrators.

The youths are the most affected. They play a key role in the political process by demanding justice when expected. By cutting off their access to communication with each other, the military administrators are undermining their ability to act.

However, this has not stopped various forms of coordinated civil disobedience from happening in the country. There has been consistent pot banging and blasting of vehicle horns in many parts. This is aside from key workers going on strike in protest.