Should the police be called or not concerning a lost or stolen dog?

Dogs are so lovely and friendly animals that many people are attached to, be it children, teens, adults, or old people might have a dog as companions and are so close to them. At a point, this animal can get lost or be stolen and this saddens the owners.

Is it good to call the police for a lost or stolen dog? 

It is very good and ideal to call the police when a dog owner notices the disappearance of his or her dog. For more information, dig this. Police are said to be our friends and whenever we face any situation that threaten us in one way or another, we are to call the police. Some dogs have become an integral part of a person’s family and when they got missing or stolen, it can affect the person morally or psychologically. The importance of the role that these pets play in the life or family of an individual makes it to be a very good decision to take by calling the police for stolen or lost dogs. Some believe that calling the police on this case is not ideal be it that it’s just an animal and the police might not take it seriously but the fact remains that the police know the role these pets play in an individual life so they will surely do all they can to help find your dog. 

The reasons for notifying the police of a stolen dog 

The reasons for this simple gesture are numerous and beneficiating but for the victim and for the society. Calling the police will help in apprehending the thieves and make them face the law including saving others from being a victim of these thieves. The police and their pets know the environment so well so when you call them, it is easier to find your lost or stolen dog.