How to get help to create a company ?

You have several solutions at your disposal to be accompanied in the framework of your creation of company. Indeed, there are many actors. However, each player has specific skills and you need to know, depending on your stage of progress, which players are the most competent to accompany you.

The importance of getting support to start a business

The professionals who accompany you in the creation of your business are used to following projects. Their experience and know-how will benefit you in every way. If you would like more specific information, click here for more details. 

As an entrepreneur, you will have a very specific conception of your idea and the construction of your project. At times, you may not be able to step out of your box to gain perspective on your project. If you are surrounded and accompanied by others in the construction of your project, outside opinions will be very valuable.

Getting support to prepare your project

The accompaniment for the preparation of a business creation project (validation of the idea, construction of the business model, market study…) requires particular skills. Among the people who can help you, we find: chambers of commerce and industry, chambers of trade, management stores, business creation consultants, support networks. These structures will also give you access to training if needed.

Getting support to validate your project

Once your project is well prepared, you must validate it. To do this, you must notably assess the profitability of your project, validate the financing of your project, find premises to carry out your activity, and carry out all the steps specific to your activity. At this stage, it may be interesting to be accompanied by a business manager, a financial partner (your bank for example), a business creation consultant or a certified public accountant.

Getting support to register the business

You can be accompanied by a certified public accountant or a lawyer. These professionals are skilled at advising you on your legal and tax choices for starting a business, drafting your articles of incorporation and completing the registration process. If you don’t need personalized advice, an online business creation platform may be all you need.