How does VoIP technology work?

VoIP is a telephone communication alternative more advantageous than traditional telephony. It works with the Internet’s real-time information transfer protocols and codec systems for encoding and decoding voice signals. If you want to know more about how it works, then, continue reading this article.

A mode of communication through the internet

With VoIP Phone System technology, the transfer of voices from one terminal to another is done in a special way. Unlike traditional telephony, audio messages are converted into digital data. This transformation is achieved through a codec system, which is integrated into a handset or a dedicated application. Once converted into digital signals, the voice of the interlocutor is transferred to the receivers via a preconfigured internet communication line. Two protocol possibilities can be used in this case. When the security issues are minimal, one can opt for an RTP or real time transfer protocol. However, if you need to protect yourself against hacking risks, then you should choose an SRTP protocol, which is more secure. Thanks to the previous processes, the receiver’s communication terminal will instantly detect and decode the audio signals transmitted to it. The receiver will then be able to hear the voice of his interlocutor smoothly, as long as the internet connection is of good quality.

What equipment is needed to make a VoIP communication?

Apart from the internet and these protocols, a VoIP communication is carried out through voice reception and transmission equipment. Users have the option of using either traditional VoIP phones or software solutions. With the former equipment, the user can make calls and send messages. Some of these terminals are equipped with a monitor and camera to allow video conferencing. The second are applications that can be installed on any kind of communication terminal. The interface of these programs resembles for the most part a classic telephone, with a virtual keyboard and a screen. When you choose this solution, you will have to accompany it with a communication headset with a microphone.