Enjoy very well your humidor

Are you a beginner or an amateur in the consumption of the cigar and the products of its lineage? It is really important that you protect them by conservation. Moreover, to succeed in preserving your products well in order to guarantee their quality over time, you must opt for a cigar cabinet. In our article, you will discover the features of such a box.

what is a humidor?

Considering its name, it is not a humidor as for wine. It is, in fact, a hermetic box for your cigars. According to our comparison, this box helps you to control the humidity level and ensure that your cigars are ready to be smoked in the best conditions. The humidor that can be used to store cigars for months, and even years. So see this here. It comes in several sizes, shapes and aesthetic styles. All tastes are catered for. So, this box is very important to keep your cigarettes or cigars if you do not smoke them.

how does a humidor work?

To store cigars, the maximal temperature required varies from 18 to 21°C. This is what the humidor provides them with, in addition to the necessary hygrometry, which must be between 70% and 75%. Furthermore, tests have shown that cigars must be stored for a minimum of three to six months before being enjoyed. After this period, they can develop exceptional aromas of finesse and refinement. This is not useful to your health. This is why you must have this cellar in order to keep intact the quality of the products. Finally, our comparison shows that it is therefore crucial to keep cigars in a humidor to offer them the best storage conditions.