Concerned Parties Raise Awareness against the Purchase of Electronics Through Online Retail Sites

Some parties responsible for evaluating products and ensuring customer’s safety and satisfaction have raised alarms against the purchase of electrical products through online retail sites.

This is in light of incidents proving that these online retail companies do not give proper attention to the kinds of items that are sold on their site.

The backlash against Amazon, Wish, and eBay

Establishments like the Trading Standard Institute and “Watchdog Which?” have expressed their displeasure at how online retailers like Amazon, wish, and eBay conducts their business operations. They inferred that the safety and satisfaction of the buyers were not top of their list given how unfitting and dangerous products are sometimes gotten from these platforms.

This backlash against them was especially in the wake of a fire outbreak that happened in the house of a buyer. The buyer – Rachel Kent purchased a battery from Amazon and ended up with a burning laptop. She was thankful that neither her dogs nor children were caught up in the fire that was eventually quenched by the fire service.

However, this has not stopped the likes of the Trading Standard Institute and “Watchdog Which?” from publicly expressing their displeasure at the sort of (especially) electrical products sold on these platforms.

Advice for Online Buyers

Both establishments have particularly advised buyers to avoid purchasing electrical products from these online retail sites. This is to avoid the kind of incident that happened to Rachel Kent.

Furthermore, they stressed that any online purchase of electrical products should be made from well-known websites of manufacturers. This way, consumers get to know the products are certified safe, effective, and in good working condition.

This advice is also in light of how some of these online retail platforms have refused to take down certain products despite safety concerns raised by teams given to evaluating the effectiveness and safety of products.

In light of this, the Electrical Safety First’s chief executive – Lesley Rudd strongly advised that people making online purchases of electrical products “use the stores of websites of known manufacturers and retailers such as those found on the High Street, rather than resorting to third-party sellers on online marketplaces…”