3 tips for making personalised gift tags yourself

Nowadays, gift tags are a great way to communicate, you can use them to express your feelings to a loved one for example. Do you want to give or get a special gift tag? Don’t know how to get there or what to write? Here’s how to put personalised letters on your gift tag.

Create your gift tag online

Gift tags help make the gift special on a birthday or end of year. To personalise them, you need to add artistic colours and designs. You can use online design software, for example, to do this. If you would like more interesting information, click this link now. To make your gift tag, you need to go through a few steps, the first of which is to register with the platform you are using. For most platforms, it is possible to open an account for free simply by using your email or Facebook ID. To find the label you need, you can browse the pre-existing templates on the platform. There are usually templates for all happy events. Then, use the drag and drop tool to move the design elements you will use on your page in a single motion. You can choose several good quality photos, icons, graphics or illustrations.

Customise your card

To personalise your card, you can use beautiful typographic designs. There are several text tools on design software to make it easier for you. These consist of grouped sets of fonts that you can move around in your design. After the text tools, you can move on to choosing the colours that suit you. Choose the size of your personalised gift card. The most common sizes are 9 cm / 6 cm for a standard card. For a small gift card, you can choose 5/2.5 cm. Once you have made your choice, you can arrange them in the designated area to receive them.

Print, share your gift cards

You’ve completed the development of your gift card. You need to go from digital to physical. To do this, you need to choose a JPEG, PNG or PDF file, with a very good resolution. To accurately convey the message you are trying to get across, you need to create neat, colourful, very elegant gift tags that you can share with pride.