VNC Board Meeting Agenda

10/23/2012 - 7:00pm
10/23/2012 - 9:30pm

Westminster Elementary School Auditorium
1010 Abbot Kinney Boulevard
Venice, CA, 90291

1. Call to Order and Roll Call (7:00PM – 5 minutes)
A Meeting called to order in memory of Victoria Bunge, owner of Figtree Cafe, Diane Duffy, former Venice Realtor and in remembrance of Jim Richards Day, Venice resident [EXHIBIT A]

B Congratulations to The First Baptist Church of Venice celebrating its 102th anniversary, and to
Pastor Horace Allen celebrating his seventh year as Pastor.

2. Approval of the Agenda (7:05PM – 5 minutes)

3. Approval of Outstanding Board Minutes (7:10PM – 5 minutes)

Announcements & Public Comment on items not on the Agenda (7:15PM —10 minutes)
[5 speakers, no more than 1 minute per person – no Board member announcements permitted]

4. Congressional Candidates U.S. Representative Henry Waxman and Mike Bloomfield to
present platforms on Venice related issues. No board member questions or public comment.

5. Scheduled Announcements (7:30PM – 50 minutes) [No discussion or Public Comment]

A VNC Elections Update/upcoming events (10 minutes) VNC Elections Co-chairs Ivan
Spiegel and Elizabeth Wright; – Candidates for Board election will introduce themselves and the office that they are running for.

B Resource Fair for West Los Angeles Residents at Oakwood Rec (2 minutes) Kelly
Nakamura on behalf of Rebuilding Together Greater Los Angeles – Rebuilding Together, the Handyworker Contractor for West LA, is holding a resource fair on November 3rd at Oakwood Recreation Center

C Presentation by Joe Cruz, ABC, Asst Director, Southern Division (5 minutes) presentation
by Joe Cruz, Assistant Director, Southern Division of California Alcohol Beverage Control. To address history and status of ABC control in regards to Venice.

D PATH (People Assisting the Homeless) (5 minutes) Update on Councilman
Rosendahl’s Roadmap to Homes Program, Joel Roberts,, Tomasz Babiszkiewicz (; This report includes statistics on the number of people placed in permanent and temporary housing as well as the numbers of people in process.

E Public Safety – LAPD Report (10 minutes): Senior Lead Officers Peggy Thusing
(, Kristan Delatori ,Gregg Jacobus,, . This report includes a monthly Venice crime report and updates on law enforcement issues in Venice.

F Governmental Reports (10 Minutes)
● U.S. Congress Representative Janice Hahn, Deputy Natalie Rodgers, ( 310-831-1799
● State Senator Ted Lieu, Representative, Veronica Zendejas (
● 310-318-6994
● State Assemblyperson Betsy Butler, Representative, Stephanie Romero, 310-615-3515
● LA County Supervisor Zev Yaroslavsky, 213-974-3333
● Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa; Paola Valdivia, new West Area Representative ( 310-479-3823
● Los Angeles County Beaches and Harbors Department, Ken Foreman, Facilites and
● Property Maintenance Divison Chief,, 310.305.9559
● City Councilmember Bill Rosendahl: Cecilia Castillo, Field Deputy (310-568-8772); (; Arturo Pina, District Director (

G Fiskars’ Project Orange Thumb Seeks Applications for Community Garden Grants and
Makeovers (2 minutes) The Fiskars Corporation, has announced the opening of the application process for 2013 Project Orange Thumb garden grants and makeovers in the United States and Canada. Fiskars’ Project Orange Thumb provides tools, materials, and other support to help communities reach their goals for neighborhood beautification, community collaboration, and healthy, sustainable food sources.Eleven recipients will be selected from the pool of eligible applicants. Ten will receive $5,000 in cash and tools, and one applicant will receive a complete garden makeover. Complete program guidelines, the online application, and information on previously funded projects are available at the Fiskars website.

Announcements & Public Comment on items not on the Agenda (8:10 – 5 minutes)
[5 speakers, no more than 1 minute per person – no Board member announcements permitted]

6. Old Business (8:15 30 minutes)
[Discussion and possible action.]

A Update on Sale of the Venice Post Office Joel Silver, Silver Pictures, (10 minute
presentation, 20 minutes Q & A)

B Ballona Wetlands Wildlife Friendly Restoration Alternative Marcia Hanscom on behalf of
Environment Committee

MOTION: The Venice Neighborhood Council Board is opposed to the Army Corps of Engineers’ announced plan for the Ballona Wetlands that is highly invasive and will bring a massive construction site, including significant traffic impacts, to the Westside community for years; a mechanized, bulldozer-driven landscape alteration that would disrupt the ecosystem and harm habitat for rare and endangered species; and disruption of the ecosystem and the recreation area (bicycle/walking path and rowing area) of the Ballona Creek channel by removal of the earthen levees. The VNC Board also objects to public access being severely limited for the past 9 years and essentially being held hostage for this plan to be completed. Instead, the VNC Board supports the “Wildlife Friendly Restoration Alternative” (linked) community-engaged restoration, based on the “Seven Guiding Principles for Rejuvenation of the Ballona Ecosystem.”…

7. New Business (8:45 65 minutes)
[Discussion and possible action]

ZA-2012-1396-CDP; CHANGE OF USE (20 minutes) Jake Kaufman on behalf of LUPC

MOTION: The VNC supports the Change of Use, as presented. The project requires 8 parking
spaces; 1 is grandfathered, 2 are provided on-site, leaving a need for 5. To provide the additional on-site parking for this change of use would require demolition of the entire building structure. The applicant has chosen to restore a historic 1910 single story structure and maintain the character, scale and mass of this corner, therefore the VNC supports the following options:
1) In Lieu of Fee for this project only, where physical parking will be provided by money the applicant pays into the Venice Coastal Parking Impact Trust Fund (#864).
2) The applicant could provide 5 parking spaces within 750 feet, by Covenant Agreement, whether grandfathered spaces or physical spaces. Research by the Land Use and Planning Committee of the VNC resulted in the belief that the property owner has more than 5 extra grandfathered spaces or rights available at a nearby property, which could be tied to this property by Covenant Agreement.

The applicant has agreed to pay for 10 bicycle racks in the parkway fronting Rialto, needed in Venice on Abbott Kinney.

Character, Scale and Mass Comment: Although this is an intensification of use of the property (an adaptive reuse project converting a live-work to retail space), the building has not increased in size or in character/architecture. Secondly, the new use is in line with today’s current uses on Abbot Kinney and has the written support of a large number of surrounding neighbors.

Motion made by Sarah Dennison, Seconded Jim Murez, Passed by LUPC 7-0-0

No documentation provided by LUPC.

Kaufman on behalf of LUPC

MOTION: Venice is a major attraction and revenue generator for the City of Los Angeles and has a significant need for additional money and resources to maintain and improve the lighting, bicycle racks, public bathrooms, trash removal, the beaches and general public safety.

Therefore, the Venice Neighborhood Council requests Councilman Rosendahl to introduce a Motion to create a “Venice Parking Meter Beautification Trust Fund” where 50% of gross revenue generated from all new meters installed in Venice be deposited in this fund only for use on additional (new) expenditures for beautification, maintenance and the safety of Venice. Once this program is in place, we ask that a fair percentage from existing meters be included in this new fund. Accounting for revenue and expenditures shall be publicly available and managed by Council District 11 with the Venice Parking Impact Trust Fund.

Motion made by Jake Kaufman, Seconded by Steve Traeger, Voted by LUPC 7-0-0.


MOTION: to Approve LUPC Chair to write the following letter when appropriate:

Dear Bud Ovrum, General Manager, LA City Department of Planning,
The Venice Neighborhood Council’s (Land Use and and Planning Committee (LUPC) has attempted to reach out to the applicant [NAME, PHONE, EMAIL] on the following cases: [XXXXX] and [YYYYY] at [ADDRESS]. This applicant has provided insufficient information to support the case and to allow review with the community.

Therefore, we request that City Planning and/or the Zoning Officer refuse to schedule the hearing until the Venice Neighborhood Council receives the information and provides an opinion, or until the latest possible date.

8. Treasurers Report (10:00 — 5 minutes); Hugh Harrison (
[Discussion and possible action] [EXHIBIT B]

A MOTION: The VNC Board approves the attached report on expenditures for the period August
22 through September 21, 2012, and the itemized purchase card invoice.

B MOTION: The Venice Neighborhood Council shall reallocate $500 from Board Community
Improvement Projects for the annual Thanksgiving turkey donations.

9. VNC Announcements (10:05) — 10 Minutes)

President: Linda Lucks (
VNC Board elections – Sunday, Oct. 28, Westminster School 10-5.
○ November VNC board meeting changed to November 27th
○ The Great Venice Toy Drive – December 8th
Vice President Marc Saltzberg (
LA Alliance of NC’s Representative: Ivan Spiegel, (
Plancheck NC: VNC Rep Challis Macpherson (
LA Dept of Water & Power/Memoranda of Understanding: VNC Rep DeDe Audet (
LAPD Community Police Advisory Board: Daffodil Tyminski ( , Nicolas Hippisley-Coxe, (
Westside Alliance of Neighborhood Councils- Mike Newhouse, President, Marc Saltzberg, VNC Representatives.,,

Announcements & Public Comment on items not on the Agenda
[20 minutes, no more than 1 minute per person – no Board member announcements permitted]

10. Board Member Comments on subject matters within the VNC jurisdiction
[10:15 — 5 minutes, no more than 1 minute per person]

11. Adjourn (approx. 11:20)


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